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Keeping sites secure and compliant

Site security demands an ongoing, thorough and methodical approach when dealing with continual periodic maintenance and risk assessment.

With years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing a wide range of security products, Technocover know exactly what to look for in order to ensure customer compliance with all current legislation whilst minimising your risks. Working together we can agree the size and scope of your maintenance requirements and, whilst responsibility for security can never be handed over entirely, you can rest assured that there is a highly trained team working on your behalf.

Maintenance starts with an accurate site inspection where agreed products are checked for damage, wear and tear and compliance. A schedule of works is drawn up alongside a list of recommendations, where appropriate, to ensure that everything agreed – from LPCB certificated covers and doors through to fixing bolts and padlocks – are inspected and any appropriate action detailed.

For continued LPCB compliance – ongoing maintenance is essential.