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Telecommunications/Data Centres

Helping to ensure the uninterrupted flow of information

Physical protection for digital assets

The dynamic pace of technological and commercial development in the telecoms sector means that security management is constantly evolving as capacity grows exponentially. Not only does this bring huge challenges for cyber and data security, but also for the protection of physical assets within the ongoing expansion and reconfiguration of the operational environment and distribution network. 

Unauthorised access to operational buildings and installations exposes the network to risks of trespass, vandalism, theft, damage, extortion, and at the extreme, terrorist infiltration or attack. Any such breach will lead to a varying degree of service disruption, recovery management and cost. 

Physical barriers are the last line of defence

As physical security tightens across all UK utilities in the face of heightened global terror threats, growing demand is being seen for more complex, versatile and functional solutions. While measures such as perimeter fences, CCTV, and guard control are important deterrents, the physical resistance of doors, enclosures, cages, cabinets, access covers and associated equipment represents the last line of defence of critical equipment from a determined attacker.

This is where Technocover products come to the fore. Our galvanised steel products protect communication and assets from unauthorised intruders.

Proven products backed up by technical know-how

Like other areas of critical national infrastructure (CNI), the physical security of telecoms assets depends on installing products that have been independently tested and certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). Technocover’s UltraSecure products achieve the LPS 1175 standard set by the LPCB. 

Products are not all we offer. We have acquired unmatched expertise in the field of physical access security and use this to deliver a one-stop solution for our clients which we call Total Service. Whether it is conducting site surveys, designing and installing security schemes, or creating and fulfilling maintenance programmes, our skilled and knowledgeable staff will ensure your assets are protected.

Silent guardians of the telecoms universe