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Protecting the energy that keeps the economy running

Protecting energy infrastructure

Energy production, storage and transmission assets are at constant risk of unauthorised human activity, whether in the form of trespass, vandalism, theft or terrorism.

CCTV, alarms and other sophisticated measures enable integrated security management and surveillance across multiple sites and will detect and alert site management to trespassers. But for the time it takes responders to arrive, security depends on a physical barrier.

Independently tested and approved

Technocover manufactures security access products including access covers, cabinets, doors, louvres and walk-in enclosures. All are galvanised after manufacture to BS EN ISO 1461 as standard.

Their effectiveness is proven, both in operation and by having met the rigorous LPS 1175 standard criteria set by the LPCB, which has become a world-respected standards authority in the field of critical national infrastructure security. Certification is conditional on a manufacturer’s design and quality management systems passing regular LPCB audits, giving buyers confidence that standards are being maintained.

All your access security needs in one place

Our products are backed up by our Total Service, which brings unparalleled resources to the ‘turnkey’ delivery of asset hardening programmes and security upgrades, handling any and every aspect of your security access requirements, from design and installation through to ongoing maintenance. Through early planning and close collaboration with the client and contractor, we can identify needs and all factors of system fulfilment in delivering the best ‘whole life cost’ solutions from our UltraSecure range.