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Protecting the infrastructure that supplies our most basic need

Guarding the nation’s water supply

The risks of criminal attack, extortion, infiltration, and terrorism in its many and increasingly unexpected forms, all present a constant threat to national infrastructure. 

Such challenges require robust responses, and the protection of the UK’s water assets has been strengthened significantly in recent years. In successive Asset Management Plans (AMPs), security programmes have been rolled out to all areas of the industry. 

Today, security is dominated by LPCB-certificated equipment, from upstand covers and security louvres to large security enclosures built off-site and crane lifted into place. 

Independently tested and approved

Technocover designs and manufactures security products to the stringent standards set by the LPCB, so clients have the assurance that they will deliver outstanding performance. 

Our hardware can be seamlessly integrated with digital technology, including electronic access control, wireless alarm networks and CCTV. 

To ensure strength and durability, all our products are galvanised after manufacture to BS EN ISO 1461 as standard.

A one-stop, total package 

At Technocover we offer expertise as well as products. We have knowledgeable and experienced staff who can help you with any aspect of your physical access security. Whether it’s designing and implementing, installing or maintaining, we can handle it all. No need to engage multiple contractors – just ask Technocover.

Details of some of the ways in which the water industry has relied on Technocover products can be found on the Water Projects website.