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Technocover at Counter Terror Exhibition - CTX 2014

At Counter Terror 2014, Technocover demonstrated how the design of physical security is evolving

Technocover at Counter Terror Exhibition - CTX 2014

“At CTX 2014, Technocover demonstrated how the design of physical security is evolving with access control and locking technology to meet client strategies for asset protection and integrated access management.”

Michael Miles, Managing Director of Technocover.


Packed with new launches and concept products, the Technocover stand provided a glimpse of the next generation of physical security solutions for protecting assets and controlling personnel access on the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) site.

Click this link to view the Technocover Counter Terror 2014 Exhibition Products Video.

Technocover CTX 2014 Exhibition Stand

Technocover, a leader in accredited physical protection under the trusted UltraSecure name, demonstrated how dynamic steel engineering and intelligent access control can dovetail with the client’s vision for asset resilience.

The company showcased innovations across its range of high security doors, access covers, cabinets and modular buildings, from pre-assembled, ‘plug-in’ security kiosks equipped with heating, lighting and ventilation, to the latest generation of locks and integrated access control.

Technocover aimed to show how UltraSecure solutions go far beyond simply filling gaps with steel. Delivered through our Total Service philosophy, they answer a whole spectrum of considerations, from the evolving technical challenges of asset hardening and integrated site security, to issues of operational efficiency, health and safety, aesthetics, durability, on-time installation and project logistics.

The company’s Total Service provides comprehensive concept-to-installation support and project partnering, starting with site surveys and risk assessment input, through to design, manufacture, installation and life-long maintenance of systems, if required.

Ultimately, UltraSecure offers the most cost-effective design life proposition in tune with the trend towards total expenditure (totex) cost assessment.

Technocover is underway with a significant programme of investment, increased this year, in R&D, production, logistics and LPCB certification which will see a range of new products and Total Service enhancements rolling out from spring 2014. Many were on show for the first time at CTX.

Stand Highlights

Technocover CTX 2014 Exhibition Stand

New locking innovations and access control working with the UltraSecure range.

Latest in ‘plug-in’ security kiosk design – Visitors were able to interact with a fully equipped, full size UltraSecure walk-in modular building, factory fitted with heating, lighting, fan extraction, louvre vents and cable entry provision for easy connection to power and other services. Incorporated was a twin-leaf UltraSecure door with vents, glazed inspection panel and dual access control locking, plus a single leaf door with vision panel and new locking.

On top was a fully working UltraSecure roof access hatch with motorised linear actuator system with single control operation. The building featured LED warning lights activated during door and roof hatch operation. It also unveiled a brand new aesthetic and environmentally friendly lining option made from heavy duty, recycled plastic (HDPE: high density polyethylene) available in a range of colours in addition to the white version on the stand.

Another stand highlight, referred to as ‘The Tardis’, was a four sided, fully working installation demonstrating the latest in UltraSecure high security door design, locking and access control. These included automatic touch button LCD glazing control for top and bottom horizontal vision panels or vertical edge panels. Also, an external locking wheel for manual operation with cylinder guard and internal lever handle.

Demonstrating the functionality and aesthetic possibilities of flush-fitting access cover design was a triple-tier UltraSecure cover. It included a lift and slide recessed access cover with grass infill as well as an inline-hinged durbar cover with spring-assisted handling. The third cover incorporated torsion spring operation, with end hinges and an integrated hinged ladder doubling as fall protection. The three lifting mechanisms comply with European manual handling regulations while all three lids can be removed together with their support bars to give full chamber access when site operations require.

Technocover Counter Terror 2014 Stand

Technocover also previewed an innovative combined solenoid and padlock system as an option, or for retrofitting, on its UltraSecure LPCB approved high security padlock doors. Designed for radio-frequency identification (RFID) card scanning, the solenoid is incorporated into the padlock shroud allowing secondary security of door entry linked to the client’s access control system. This forthcoming innovation will be available on new UltraSecure doors as well as for upgrading products already in the field, all within the scope of their LPCB certification.

Also on Technocover’s stand was a twin leaf UltraSecure upstand access cover with drop-on lids incorporating a hinged personnel access cover and hinged spindle hatch cover. It was completed by an UltraSecure cabinet with dual compartments and rain-guard providing weather protection during inspection or maintenance access.

Technocover Seminar

John Barty, Technocover's Research and Development Manager, presented a well-received talk on ‘The Security of Buildings’ as part of the seminar programme. He outlined key considerations in the planning, specification and implementation of built-in physical resilience for new construction or upgrades on the CNI site with reference to current legislation and guidance. The seminar examined how design can harmonise security performance with other essential functions such as health and safety, the architectural scheme and aesthetic objectives.

John Barty has a wealth of expertise in security engineering, heading up Technocover’s LPCB certification programme and product development in liaison with our lock and access control partners.

Presentation of Technocovers Latest LPS 1175 Certification

LPCB Presentation of Technocover’s Latest LPS 1175 Certification

The official presentation of its latest LPCB certification concluded a busy two days at this year’s Counter Terror Expo. Richard Flint, Physical Security Certification Scheme Manager at LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board), presented Technocover with a certificate confirming that horizontal access covers in the UltraSecure range have been tested and approved to the latest issue (7) of LPS 1175 (requirements and testing procedures for the LPCB approval and listing of intruder resistant building components, strongpoints, security enclosures and free-standing barriers).

This latest LPCB certificate award highlights Technocover’s on-going programme of LPCB product testing to maintain its range at the forefront of the physical protection market


Michael Miles is Managing Director of Technocover, a leading specialist of 20 years in the design and manufacture of high security physical protection for critical infrastructure.

For further information telephone 01938 555511 or E-mail:

Editor note:

From its inception 20 years ago, Technocover has specialised exclusively in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of high security fabricated steel equipment for physical asset protection. Today, with unrivalled service support and longstanding experience working to the security edicts of government and industry, it is the UK leader in Total Service security solutions for the hardening of CNI.