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Securing Energy Assets

With mounting reliance on alternative energy, it is vital to ensure that assets are resilient

Securing Energy Assets

With mounting reliance on alternative energy, it is vital to ensure that assets are resilient to threats that could disrupt supply.

As well as meeting standalone needs, alternative energy is assuming a more integral role within critical national infrastructure (CNI) in feeding the UK’s wider power grid.

This requires all areas of capture, production, processing, storage and distribution to be hardened against assessed risks of unauthorised entry, vandalism, criminal attack, infiltration, extortion and even terrorist activity.

Extensive Expertise

Technocover brings extensive expertise to physical protection for the CNI site through its ‘Total Service’ partnering and leading range of third party approved access and asset security equipment.

Our UltraSecure product portfolio offers the widest choice of engineered steel security equipment tested and certificated to the demanding LPS1175 performance standard of LPCB third party approval.

The range includes high security doors, cabinets, access covers, building enclosures and kiosks, mesh cages, bar sets and louvres. These can be further adapted to needs with numerous certificated entry and exit control locking options, door furniture and other accessories to create versatile security access control solutions.

UltraSecure Window Bar Sets and Sentinel Twin Leaf Door
UltraSecure window bars and Sentinel high security twin-leaf door: typical installation on substation buildings.
UltraSecure Walk-in Modular Building Installation
UltraSecure building system with louvres and cable entry point, delivered prebuilt and factory fitted with all required M&E services.
UltraSecure Upstand Access Cover
UltraSecure upstand access covers can be designed for a variety of access and inspection applications, with venting provision incorporating anti-contamination features to prevent liquids from entering chamber.
UltraSecure Mesh Cage with Sliding Gate Access
UltraSecure modular mesh cage systems provide visibility of plant and excellent free airflow while allowing flexibility of design around operational needs, such as the sliding gate access shown.
UltraSecure Louvre Vent System
Process and electrical installations can require large areas of venting to allow specified airflow but maintaining physical protection of assets, met by Technocover’s LPCB approved security rating 5 modular louvre vent system.

LPCB is the pre-eminent approval marque accepted by CNI clients for the protection of assets while often being stipulated or preferred by insurers.

Its LPS1175 test standard sets robust criteria for physical resilience, one that some 95% of submitted products fail when first tested. In addition, LPCB approval provides on-going audit of manufacturing systems and quality management to ensure products in the market adhere to certification criteria.

This provides clients with the ultimate confidence that security equipment will perform as expected in the event of attack.

Quality and Precision

UltraSecure systems embody quality and precision in every detail, being designed and manufactured with engineering margins geared to meet the stringent physical bar of LPCB certification.

These principles are replicated in the conception and production of bespoke solutions, assuring clients of a consistent approach to security performance however particular their site needs.

Using the highest quality steel and galvanised finish, products are fabricated and finished in-house under ISO 9001 quality management systems for the ultimate assurance of system reliability and long service life.

The result is dependable protection for all areas and installations on the energy site where a physical breach or unauthorised entry could lead to serious disruption, damage, as well as safety hazards or even life risks. These include electrical, telecommunications and alarm installations, storage of process materials or hazardous chemicals, IT or mechanical process controls, and areas for access only by authorised personnel.

Total Service

Product excellence is only half the story, however, when it comes to securing critical assets on the energy site.

Similar exacting attention to detail and quality is needed in site fulfilment, since the integrity of the installed product is crucial to it meeting performance expectations.

Evolved around the challenges of the CNI site over many years, our ‘Total Service’ brings unparalleled resources to the ‘turnkey’ delivery of asset hardening programmes and security upgrades.

We offer comprehensive and flexible support to dovetail with the client’s needs, right up to full project partnering. This can include site survey, risk assessment support, bespoke design, value engineering, full logistics and site installation services, as well as on-going system maintenance.

Large scale production facilities together with our own fleet of delivery vehicles and site plant enable us to develop, produce and deliver ever larger kiosks, door systems and mesh enclosures. We also have skilled fitters and site operatives with appropriate competence and accreditations to complete installation in line with relevant industry regulations.

Cost-efficient Approaches

As CNI operations look for more cost-efficient approaches to asset delivery and maintenance, we have both the technical expertise and production resources to work with clients on ‘smart’ techniques. This includes coordinating product data with projects using Building Information Modelling (BIM), as well as being adaptable to clients keen to explore the feasibility and benefits of modular and off site construction.

Early involvement on security specifications for new build or upgrade work maximises opportunities to deliver best value solutions, on time and right first time. While their security function is paramount, physical protection systems can also enhance operational efficiency and health and safety through careful specification. By considering the client’s holistic needs over the design life of a security door or building, we can ensure the final product provides the best ‘whole-life’ solution.

Service Innovation

Our latest service innovation comes in the form of flexible installation options for large UltraSecure kiosks/modular buildings. Kiosks can be supplied preassembled and fully fitted with power, lighting, heating and ventilation to save programme time and labour.

Increasingly, clients rely on our versatile product technology and site support in undertaking complex, coordinated hardening programmes, complete with integrated alarm and access control systems for central or remote management.

We work with major access control and locking system producers to bring the very latest access management technology to UltraSecure equipment to meet cutting edge security strategies.


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This article was published in the 57th issue of Energy Engineering (2015) – Reproduced here with the permission of the publisher.