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Technocover Features in UK Water Projects 2018 - Now Available Online

Technocover Features in UK Water Projects 2018 – Now Available Online

Technocover Features in UK Water Projects 2018 - Now Available Online

UK Water Projects Online

Coinciding with the distribution of UK Water Projects 2018 you can now have unlimited access to every case study from the print and virtual editions at

Technocover are pleased to announce that several of their leading articles are featured in the Innovations and Technologies Security section, including key articles on Physical Protection of Assets, Physical Security for Infrastructure, Security Kiosks and Physical Protection of Water Assets.

Physical Protection of Assets

LPCB Level 4 Security Rated Mesh Cage

Focusing on value rather than cost through collaboration achieves cost-efficiencies

The security landscape within the UK’s water industry has evolved beyond recognition since the advent of dedicated legislation twenty years ago. From the upgrade of service reservoir protection that rolled out from the late 1990s, to the mature and sophisticated levels of security that ramify through today’s network, UK water sets a world-class standard in its approach to water asset hardening. It has seen nothing less than a revolution in the water security product market dominated by LPCB certificated equipment, from upstand covers and security louvres, to large security kiosks – built off-site and craned into place. Today, security hardware is being seamlessly integrated with today’s digital technology including electronic access control, wireless alarm networks and CCTV. As the industry gears up for AMP7 with talk of asset optimisation, operational efficiency and a hefty focus on ‘value’ rather than ‘cost’, Technocover’s founding principle of ‘Total Service’ is more relevant than ever before.


Physical Security for Infrastructure

LPCB Security Rated Twin Leaf Doors

Smart innovation and site-efficient solutions to any scale – delivered at lowest cost

The physical security of assets on infrastructure sites is reaching new levels of sophistication and technical challenge. Utilities and other critical industries are systemically ‘hardening’ their operations, above and below ground, against identified risks of attack or infiltration by the criminal, saboteur or terrorist. Not only are the challenges growing in scale, clients are also demanding even greater functionality, adaptability and speed of installation from security enclosures, access covers and associated products for protecting vital process, storage and distribution assets.


Security Kiosks

LPCB Security Rated Kiosk

Technocover security kiosks plug smoothly into Wessex Water’s Water Supply Grid

Certfified physical protection is vital to ensure that water infrastructure assets are resilient to unauthorised entry, vandalism, criminal attack, extortion and even terrorist threats that could disrupt operations and supply. In line with security provision across all Wessex Water assets, the Water Supply Grid project team and its delivery partners are implementing stringent levels of physical protection to safeguard the new facilities. Early supplier involvement and use of pre-fitted security kiosks has delivered programme benefits in the upgrade of pumping stations.


Physical Protection of Water Assets

Multiple Leaf Upstand Access Cover Solution

Meeting operational and security needs

During two decades of working to legislated levels of security for physical access, the UK water industry has ushered a revolution in certified physical protection. While meeting this critical and immovable benchmark of resilience, solutions in AMP6 have pushed the envelope in design and functionality as never before. Security performance, of course, remains king, but criminal attack, extortion, infiltration, and terrorism in its many and increasingly unexpected forms are all a constant threat to lifestyle and the national infrastructure that underpins it.


We hope that you find the updated UK Water Projects website of interest and enjoy reading our articles. Should you have any questions or security requirements you wish to discuss please get in touch – Telephone: +44 (0)1938 555511 or E-mail our Business Development Department.