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SHE Shallow Frame Access Covers

An original innovative solution – Shallow frame access cover

SHE Shallow Frame Access Covers

In 2018 Technocover celebrate 25 years of reliability and innovation so we take this opportunity to share details of an original Technocover innovative solution – the Shallow frame, Hinged Exposed (SHE), solid top access cover, the key feature of its design being that it can be installed within floor slabs that are too shallow to take conventional hinged access covers typically with a frame depth of 100 mm.

We commence this article with a typical refurbishment story. Shown below is an extract from the first issue of our COVER WATER NEWS, published in 1995, illustrating an early design of a Technocover triple leaf SHE cover, one of many that were required to be situated over existing pumping station chambers within shallow rebates only 40 mm deep. These hinged covers were replacements for existing heavy cast iron covers that were not fit for safe operational needs of maintenance personnel.

Cover Water News Article


The next example (shown below) illustrates Technocover’s 2018 updated SHE design manufactured with its precision folded frame unlike the original that was produced using standard rolled steel sections. The new unit is primarily designed as a replacement for shallow frame, drop-on inspection covers with a 40 mm deep rebate.

Technocover single leaf SHE access cover – Closed Technocover single leaf SHE access cover – Open

Closed single leaf Technocover SHE cover with open lockingbox lid showing padlock.

Open single leaf Technocover SHE cover with closed meshfall protection.

General features of the SHE range

The third and final example shows a new single leaf Technocover SHE cover solution that was installed as a replacement unit in place of a two-part mild steel inspection cover on a brick chamber.

Two-part access cover requiring upgrade Technocover single leaf SHE access cover – Closed
Existing unit to be replaced – Two-part mild steel drop-on
inspection unit on brick chamber.
New Technocover shallow frame, single exposed hinge SHE
cover shown open to show the pair of split hinged pump
through fall protection grids.
Technocover single leaf SHE access cover – Closed

Newly installed Technocover shallow frame SHE with the surrounding floor being made good and level with the adjoining footpath.


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