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Protecting a 9-metre diameter tunnel shaft for UK Power Networks

How Technocover secured a large tunnel shaft in a matter of weeks

UK Power Networks contacted Technocover regarding a safety concern around one of their deep cable tunnels. They required a high-security solution to protect a 9-metre cable tunnel from unauthorised access, whether by accident or intentionally. The tunnel was located in a busy residential area where site access would be difficult, and disruptive extended works were simply not an option.

Technocover’s site survey team visited the location and conducted an in-depth assessment. As well as tight access, the site featured a sloped surface, and a wide opening that could be a fall risk to trespassers. Technocover’s solution would need to be modular in order to allow economical transportation, and assembled on site by specialist installers to minimise disruption.

As is the case with every Technocover product, security took precedence when it came to the design. Manufacturing a high-security structure from galvanised steel facilitates maximum strength, whilst minimising maintenance. For this project, a large-scale cage system was designed to securely enclose the tunnel shaft aperture. The detailed design was submitted to the client for sign-off, and constructed in a modular fashion at Techncover’s in-house manufacturing facility to BS EN ISO 1467. During the manufacturing process, a team was sent to site to shutter up and create a solid concrete perimeter base with drainage points, upon which the new cage system would be installed just a week later.


A Technocover Site Services team comprising of a project leader and four installers were deployed to the site to complete the installation. The modular cage components arrived on site on the back of two Technocover flatbed Scanias, and craned in with precision using HIAB knuckle-boom arms. The modular components facilitated the construction of a high-security, five-sided 12mstructure, all without causing any disruption to the surrounding residential area. The team completed the installation without any additional plant in just 1.5 days. The result is an LPS:1175 Issue 7 mesh cage, complete with twin-leaf mesh gates, climb-resistant walls and a sturdy mesh roof. The cage system provides ultra-secure protection of critical assets, whilst maintaining visibility and airflow.


This project is another example of Technocover’s Total Service model. From consultancy and site survey, to design and manufacture, right through to installation and ongoing maintenance – Techncover ensure that LPCB compliance is ensured throughout the product’s long lifespan, giving you maximum peace of mind.