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LPCB Certificate Award for Technocover at International Security Show

Official presentation of Technocovers latest LPCB Issue 7 certification at CTX 2014 

LPCB Certificate Award for Technocover at International Security Show

Issue 7 Certificate Presentation
Richard Flint (L), Physical Security Certification Scheme Manager at LPCB, presents John Barty, Technocover’s Research & Development Manager, with LPS1175 Issue 7 certification for UltraSecure horizontal access covers.   

The official presentation of its latest LPCB certification concluded a busy two days at this year’s Counter Terror Expo (Olympia, London) for physical protection specialist, Technocover.

Richard Flint, Physical Security Certification Scheme Manager at LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board), presented the company with a certificate confirming that horizontal access covers in the UltraSecure range have been tested and approved to the latest issue (7) of LPS 1175 (requirements and testing procedures for the LPCB approval and listing of intruder resistant building components, strongpoints, security enclosures and free-standing barriers).

The presentation took place on Technocover’s stand on the closing afternoon of the show (Wednesday, 30th April 2014).

Technocover Stand at CTX2014

While this latest certification underlines the company’s off-the-shelf capability in LPCB products, Technocover’s stand provided a glimpse of the next generation of intelligent physical protection solutions. CTX visitors were treated to an array of completely new product concepts, including new fob, keypad and RFID activated locks with ID and hierarchical access control, fail-safe or fail-secure functions, and timed access features.

An 8 point wheel lock on a blast-resistant door and an innovative padlock with solenoid control were among other innovations attracting interest, as well as the latest in ‘plug-in’ secure modular buildings with power, lighting, heating and ventilation and a smart new lining made from engineered recycled plastic.


As an early pioneer of LPCB approved high security access covers, Technocover continues to make significant on-going investment in product innovation and LPCB certification. In addition to access covers, it has the widest ‘total site’ capability in LPCB approved products from a range which also includes doors, cabinets, mesh and solid panel enclosures, kiosks, modular buildings, cylinder clamps, window bars and louvres.

Michael Miles, Technocover MD, said: “We have spent over 20 years evolving the UltraSecure range to meet the most diverse physical security needs of the critical national infrastructure site and to satisfy demand for the performance assurance of the LPCB marque. As we demonstrated at CTX, this legacy has paved the way, among other things, to closer collaboration with lock system suppliers to add strategic levels of access control to physical protection as part of sophisticated integrated access management systems.”Mr Miles added: “Our exhibits inspired some interesting dialogue, with many specifiers seeing new potential to solve their security and operational issues.


Michael Miles is Managing Director of Technocover, a leading specialist of 20 years in the design and manufacture of high security physical protection for critical infrastructure.

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Editor note:

From its inception 20 years ago, Technocover has specialised exclusively in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of high security fabricated steel equipment for physical asset protection. Today, with unrivalled service support and longstanding experience working to the security edicts of government and industry, it is the UK leader in Total Service security solutions for the hardening of CNI.