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Asset Protection for Nuclear Power

Modern day threats to CNI demand highest standards of physical protection in the nuclear sector.

Asset Protection for Nuclear Power

Vented UltraSecure Sentinel Escape Door
Vented UltraSecure Sentinel escape door.
UltraSecure Building with Primary Access Door Fitted with Vision Panel
UltraSecure high security building, with primary access door fitted with vision panel and differing key suites to provide dual entry control for two users. The passive half-leaf door incorporates LPCB security rating (SR) 4 louvre vents.

Modern day threats to critical national infrastructure (CNI), from the spectre of global terrorism to extortion, infiltration and vandalism, demand the highest standards of physical protection in the nuclear sector.

Our innovative UltraSecure range includes high security access doors with vision panels, solid panel kiosks – with or without fully fitted M&E services – as well as mesh enclosures, ventilation louvres and access covers to prevent liquids entering chambers.With longstanding expertise in solving the security challenges of the most exacting clients, from MOD to CNI sites, Technocover offers the largest range of third party approved equipment for physical hardening critical assets and defending against unauthorised entry.

Equipment meets the demanding test standards of LPCB third party certification assuring robust protection for all areas of nuclear energy generation, distribution and associated facilities. We also develop solutions to specific industry standards and other accreditations. Engineered from high quality steel, products are fabricated and finished in-house to ISO 9001 quality management systems for the ultimate assurance of day-to-day operational reliability.

Under our Total Service philosophy, we offer comprehensive and flexible support to dovetail with the client’s needs, right up to full project partnering. This can include site survey, risk assessment support, bespoke design, value engineering, data coordination with BIM, full logistics and site installation services, as well as life-long system maintenance.

We recommend early collaboration with the client to maximise opportunities to develop solutions that address not only security but also operational and health and safety considerations. This approach ensures the delivery of right-first-time security installations that support operational efficiency, mitigate risks of unauthorised entry, and provide best value over their long and dependable service life.One of our latest service innovations comes in the form of flexible installation options for large UltraSecure kiosks/modular buildings. Kiosks can be supplied pre-assembled fully fitted with power, lighting, heating and ventilation to save programme time and labour.


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This article was published in the January 2015 issue of Nuclear Engineering International – Reproduced here with the permission of the publisher.