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28th-29th November 2018
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LATEST: Maximising the Role of Physical Security Within Asset Resilience Planning ... More >

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Maximising the Role of Physical Security Within Asset Resilience Planning

LATEST: Maximising the Role of Physical Security Within Asset Resilience Planning 

Technocover Features in UK Water Projects 2018 – Now Available Online

Technocover Features in UK Water Projects 2018 – Now Available Online

A Quarter of a Century of Innovation and Added Value Security

A Quarter of a Century of Innovation and Added Value Security

Telecoms Security: Assuring the Physical Protection of a Dynamic Network, from Cable Landing Station to Data Centre

Telecoms Security: Assuring the Physical Protection of a Dynamic Network

SHE Shallow Frame Access Covers

An original innovative solution – Shallow frame access cover

Foundations to Securing 21st Century Water Assets

Ever increasing demands for greater functionality, adaptability and speed of installation from security enclosures, access covers and associated products for protecting vital process, storage and distribution assets.

Rail – Physical Resilience in a Digital Age

Digital railway, with all that it promises, highlights the need for operational resilience.

Working Together to Ensure Superior Performance

Technocover security doors meet high standards of asset protection at a wind farm in South Wales.

Physical Protection of Water Assets: It’s Vital To Meet Operational As Well As Security Needs

Physical Protection of Water Assets

Company Announcement

Hill & Smith Holdings PLC acquire Technocover

Latest LPCB Certificates Presented

LPCB certificates presented for LPS 1175, Issue 7, SR4 enclosures, cages and mesh door sets

Upsizing Security – and the Rise of Off-site Assembly

Focus on cost, innovation and collaboration brings new meaning to outside-the-box thinking

Neat Box of Tricks

With a year of Control Period 5 under its belt, the rail industry is working hard on new targets

Securing Energy Infrastructure

Long-term resilience of UK electricity supply also depends on effective physical security 

Sizing Up the AMP6 Challenge

Drive for greater cost-efficiency under AMP6 likely to favour suppliers with broad shoulders

Securing Energy Assets

With mounting reliance on alternative energy, it is vital to ensure that assets are resilient

Asset Protection for Nuclear Power

Modern day threats to CNI demand highest standards of physical protection in the nuclear sector.

Early Involvement Benefits Security Kiosk Programme

Early consultation between Technocover and the client identified an opportunity to maximise offsite construction of high security steel UltraSecure kiosks, resulting in significant programme savings on a recent critical asset project.

Powys Security Specialist Benefits from Skills Investment

Skills development at security specialist, Technocover, has been boosted with a second consecutive Welsh funding award for workforce training.

The Challenge: Securing Ageing Structures

Protection of two impounding reservoirs constructed in the late 1800s using modern-day thinking.

Votre eau est-elle en sûreté ?

Votre eau est-elle en sûreté ? Une interviw de Michael Miles, directeur général de société Technocover, spécialisé dans la fabrication d'accès sécurisés

How Secure is Your Water?

English translation of 'Votre eau est-elle en sûreté ?' – How Secure is Your Water? An interview with Michael Miles, Managing Director of security specialists Technocover

Health and Safety Alert

Issue 7 DV access cover shroud

Hardening Access to Critical National Infrastructure

Physical access protection and growing integration with access control as part of CNI security

Technocover at Counter Terror Exhibition – CTX 2014

At Counter Terror 2014, Technocover demonstrated how the design of physical security is evolving

LPCB Certificate Award for Technocover at International Security Show

Official presentation of Technocovers latest LPCB Issue 7 certification at CTX 2014 

The Nuts and Bolts of Security – A Strong Cabinet

CCTV, station policing and asset surveillance play an important role in rail security. But 

New Launches for Technocover

New Launches for UK leader in total service solutions for the physical protection of CNI ...

The Last Line of Defence: How Well is Your Business Protected?

There are few guarantees when it comes to managing risk and improving business resilience 

£350k Plant and Process Investment for Security Specialists

Technocover ... investing £350,000 in new plant and proceses.

Towering Feat of Security for Wessex Water

A floating platform held the key to security upgrades of valve towers at impound reservoirs – built more than 100 years ago.

Technocover Aiming for LPCB Issue 7 Certification of Its Water Engineering Covers for Security Levels 2, 3 and 4

Technocover has successfully completed testing to LPS 1175 issue 7 of its full range of UltraSecure upstand covers and flush fit covers for security ratings (SR) 2, 3 and 4.

Decked Out for Safety

Management of an outfall chamber valve on River Parrett has been made safer, easier and more secure for Environment Agency personnel with the installation of a special access platform from Technocover.

Put a Lid On It

With the popularity of biomass heating growing, Michael Miles asks: “What about the ancillary equipment playing supporting role in the success of the renewable energy revolution?”

Comment – Putting the Door into Adorable

Water, power, transport and other parts of the national infrastructure set the bar when it comes to securing assets, writes Michael Miles, director of Technocover.

Accredited Physical Security Solutions

Accredited Physical Security Solutions – Water, power, transport, telecommunication and other parts of the Critical National Infrastructure set the bar when it comes to securing assets, writes Michael Miles, Managing Director of Technocover.

Leaders in the Business of Water Protection

Leaders in the Business of Water Protection – As the industry prepares for AMP 6, a key player in the evolution of third party certificated security products to ‘harden’ UK water infrastructure is approaching its own landmark.

Lock it up ... Bolt it down

Lock it up ... Bolt it down – Michael Miles describes how physical security is essential to protect utility infrastructure from terrorists, espionage, theft and misadventure.